A lot of people consider squirrels to be cute and fluffy creatures that are fun to watch play in the yard. gainesville squirellThis is all true as long as they stay out of your home. When squirrels find their way into your house, you’re susceptible to disease and expensive damages. In order to prevent an infestation, here are a few things you should know about squirrels.

Weak Spots

Even if you think your home is sealed off from the outside, you may be missing some of the weak points your home naturally has. Here are a few locations around your property that squirrels can use to sneak into your home:

  • Vent pipes are large, hollow and round, which makes them very similar to the inside of a tree; an ideal hiding spot for squirrels
  • Squirrels can climb open chimneys made of brick and easily get into your home.
  • Flimsy roof vents can easily be chewed through since the material is so weak.
  • Roof edges are easier for squirrels to chew through because of the angle.
  • Your home’s soffits are prone to small holes, and if squirrels can find them and gnaw through them to make a bigger hole, they can fit through.

Why It’s Dangerous

Squirrels won’t typically lash out at humans unless they feel cornered. However, the greatest threat they pose is the amount of damages they can cause and the diseases they can transmit. Squirrels will chew through walls, wiring, and even pipes to build themselves a nest, and it could result in fire hazards, increased electric bills, and even potential flooding.

Additionally, squirrels carry many diseases they can transfer to humans through more than just a bite. Merely breathing in air infected by squirrel feces could result in the development of illnesses.

Help is Out There

If you’ve got squirrels in your home the sooner you get them out, the fewer damages they’ll be able to do. In addition to the potential of improper squirrel trapping and the cost of damages they may cause while there, it is far less expensive to hire professionals like the ones at Critter Control® Gainesville to properly trap and remove squirrels from your home. For questions, or to schedule your free consultation, call us today at 352-372-3922.