Flying Squirrel Removal Services

Although it sounds like a part of a traveling circus act, flying squirrels are not, in fact, a made up animal for entertainment and amusement. This squirrel species is smaller than its counterparts, the fox and grey squirrels, and they can fly distances up to the length of a football field. Flying squirrels can control the speed and direction of their flight and they are extremely efficient in their travel. They prefer to live in the trunks of oak-hickory or beech-maple trees, but they can also choose to make a comfortable home in your attic or walls.

Identifying the Problem

Flying squirrels are nocturnal, unlike the fox or grey squirrels, so you will most likely hear them scurrying around in your walls or attic at night when you are trying to drift off to sleep. Flying squirrels don’t just establish one entry point; they establish multiple entry points, causing quite a bit of destruction along the way.

Waiting for the Technician

Since flying squirrels are tenacious, and the only way to get rid of them is to seal off and block any future entry points, it is best to call for one of our professionals to assist you. While you are waiting for the technician to arrive, you can begin to identify the entry points into your residence, which are usually towards the eves of your home.

What to Expect

Since flying squirrels do establish multiple entry points, it may be a labor intensive process for your technician to close off all possible current and future routes into your home. Thankfully, our technicians are highly trained and efficient in all work concerning multiple entry points. You will be flying squirrel-free in no time. Don’t forget, our technicians are also able to help with any damage or clean up that has resulted from these pesky flying critters.