Removing Pigeons From Your Home


You may think that people only have problems with pigeons if they live in the urban areas of New York City. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Pigeons will take up residence anywhere that they can comfortably land, build nests, and have a readily available food source. If you see the feathers flying, the droppings falling, and the nests being built, then you have a pigeon problem. Even if you don’t actually mind the aforementioned issues, pigeons can cause substantial damage to devaluation of your home. It is best to call a technician before too much damage is caused by these pesky birds.

While You Wait for a Technician

After you call for a technician, you may be tempted to try to begin to combat these pigeons on your own. Just remember that these birds carry all sorts of diseases, including histoplasmosis and salmonella. Just wait for the technician to arrive to deal with these pests.

Technician Solutions

There are several ways for the technician to deal with the pigeons causing damage to your property. The nesting areas can be sealed off or blocked off using wire or by physically sealing off the nests. Bird spikes can be used to make the landing places less comfortable and thus deter the birds from landing. The technician may also choose to trap and relocate the pigeons to a different habitat.

Clean Up

After the entry points and landing spaces of the pigeons are addressed and other changes are made to discourage the pigeons from occupying your property and home, it is important to address the issue of clean up. Since pigeon droppings are riddled with disease, it is imperative that your technician safely and effectively clean up the droppings left by the birds so your home and property can be germ free.