Animal Damage Prevention Services

Obviously, critters can be removed after they enter your home. Depending on the animal, Critter Control might use traps, poison, or another method to free your home of these unwanted houseguests. However, when you focus on prevention, it’s a lot less likely that critters will come and live with you in the first place.

How do you prevent critters from making their home with you in Gainesville? There are three things that induce animals of all types to live with you: shelter, food, and water. If they can’t get into your home in the first place, then they will find a different place to live.

You Have to Prevent Critters from Coming In

Whether you currently have wildlife in your home, have just evicted critters from your home, or just want to ensure that you’ll never have this problem, the solution is the same. You have to prevent critters from coming into your home in the first place.

Unfortunately, critters are relatively small and will find numerous ways to get in. This is where our experts at Critter Control can help you. We know where to look. We will check your ceilings, crawl space, attic, and even under your home to find every point of entry for these animals.

You Need to Block the Entrances

Critters can sneak into your home without you even noticing. That’s where our certified wildlife management experts and animal control officers can really make a difference for you. In our efforts to block the entrances, we will seal every entrance, place screens over open vents, add other barriers, and more to prevent critters from coming inside of your home.

Give our experts at Critter Control a call today to find out how you can prevent future wildlife intrusions. If your home has already been invaded, then we will remove existing critters as well as the evidence they’ve left behind. After that, we’ll make sure that they won’t return in the future.

Let Us Help Your Home Become Critter-Free!

Finding wildlife or other pests in your home can be extremely frustrating. At Critter Control, we understand what you’re going through. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can sleep easy again. And because we focus our efforts on prevention, it’s quite likely that you don’t need to call us again in the future. Contact us today to make an appointment with our critter experts!