How to Get Rid of Bees

Do you keep finding bees clustering around your property? Although honeybees are necessary for pollinating, they can cause a problem if left unchecked. At Critter Control of Gainesville, we know all the best tips for keeping bees, wasps and other insects away from your property.

Is It a Bee?

That buzzing you hear may not be from bees. Hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, and horseflies are all stinging insects often mistaken for bees and can be quite nasty to deal with. beeHoneybees, on the other hand, are a brownish-orange color, have fuzzy bodies, and normally do not sting. They can usually be seen entering and leaving the nesting area at dawn and dusk.

What to Do if You Have a Beehive

As a whole, honeybees are not dangerous insects. They tend to stay away from humans as they collect pollen and nectar. However, if you notice a lot of bees around your property, there could be cause for concern—especially if someone in your home is allergic or if you spend a lot of time gardening and relaxing in the yard. If bees are seen coming and going out of a cavity in a building or tree, there is definitely a beehive.

Removing a Beehive

Advise family members to wear covered shoes when out gardening and doing yard work. By exercising caution, it is possible to live in harmony with bees. If you do have a hive and would like to be rid of it, never try to remove it yourself. Contact a professional pest control service or a beekeeper to take care of the problem for you because it can extremely dangerous to try and remove a hive on your own.

Trust Critter Control of Gainesville

At Critter Control of Gainesville, we can help you get rid of the bees, wasps, and other stinging insects. We start by discovering where the hive is. Next, we safely trap and remove the bees from your property. Lastly, we repair any damage, remove honeycombs, and thoroughly clean and prepare the area to prevent future bees from congregating.

Ready to be rid of the bees or wasps? Give us a call today!