Mole & Gopher Removal

Florida homeowners know the feeling of going out to your yard and seeing a hundred mounds of dirt left behind by burrowing moles or gophers. You know they are there, but you’ve never seen one. Moles are adept at tunneling, they can go about a foot every minute which means they can do a considerable amount of damage in a short period of time.

The mole is a small mammal perfectly designed for digging. They have long, curved claws they use to create their subterranean tunnels. They typically grow to between 3 and 5 inches long.

Moles don’t see very well at all as they have tiny eyes that are covered with fur. The mole has an outstanding sense of smell though that it uses to catch its underground meals.

You know you have a mole problem when you see mounds of dirt, signs of tunneling and soft spots in your yard.

Along with the damage moles do to your yard there are also health concerns. If you’re bitten by a mole the wound can become infected. Seek medical help right away. The fleas they carry (Ctenophthalmus pseudagyrtes) can cause skin infections if you’re bitten after they have been with moles. Mites and sucking lice are also carried by moles.

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