To capture and prevent raccoon infestations, it’s important to know as much as you can about them. While some homeowners see them as cute little critters who rummage around you home, other may see them as nuisances that threaten the safety of your family. However what both parties sometimes fail to realize is the amount of damage raccoons can inflict on your home.

Raccoon Facts

Since they are such social creatures, raccoons will often travel in packs of up to five. Their preferred habitat is safely tucked away in the forest, however since urban sprawl has become an issue, they are now more likely to wander into populated areas and even into garages and homes. If your home can provide them with the food source they need, and they have easy access to it, they may even decide to make it their home. These critters are master intruders since their thumbs give them the dexterity they need to break in.

Know the Signs

If you know the signs of what a raccoon infestation looks like, you can save your home from a lot of damages, and save yourself a headache. You can trust the experts at Critter Control® Gainesville to get them out as soon as you call. To spot an infestation, look out for:

  • Droppings in or around your home, about the size of a small dog’s
  • Loud purring, thumping, whining, or scratching coming from your walls or attic
  • Stains on your walls or ceiling and the smell of urine and feces
  • Odd behavior from your pets that may indicate there is another animal nearby

What We Do

Attempting to remove raccoons on your own will most often result in serious injury and the potential spread of disease. It is never suggested for an untrained person to try and handle raccoons, as they will lash out if they feel threatened. Instead, let our trained professionals do the work for you. Critter Control® Gainesville is always concerned about the health and safety of your family first and foremost. Reclaim your home today by calling us for your free evaluation at 352-372-3922.