Dead Animal Odor

When animals die, they decompose and release a combination of chemicals that include benzene Gainesville Dead Animalderivatives, methane, and sulfur dioxide. This can result in a noxious smell commonly known as “the smell of death” hovering inside your home. Typically, the odor may take days or several weeks depending on temperature (the damper the site, the longer the smell will last), the number of animals, and their weight. Here are four ways you can get rid of the dead animal smell:

Locate the Source

To find the carcass, follow the scent to where it’s the strongest. That might be in places like behind walls, under floorboards, close to plumbing or water sources or near warm air vents. Also, look out for stains since bodily fluids often seep out of a carcass.

Remove the Animal

Once you find the body, what you do with it depends on the guidelines of your wildlife protection laws. However, your options could include burning, burying, or throwing it in the trash. When handling the animal, it’s crucial to wear gloves because touching it without protection may pose health risks.

Eliminate the Odor

The dead animal often leaves behind odor, fur, juices, and bacteria. Thus, use enzymatic cleaners to clean and sanitize the area and any other fabric including curtains, clothes, or linens that might have been contaminated by the animal. The cleaner will break down the organic matter and help eliminate odor and diseases.

What If You Can’t Locate the Decomposing Animal?

If you don’t find the dead animal, apply odor-neutralizing chemicals or add a more alluring scent that will mask or cover the bad odor temporarily. Then, consult a wildlife and pest control professional.

You Can Always Rely On Us!

Critter Control of Gainesville has the proper equipment and trained professionals with the necessary expertise to locate and remove dead animals. We will also disinfect the area so that the odor and bacteria are eliminated. Call us today at 352-372-3922 to inquire about all our services.