Animal Damage Repair & Restoration Services

Once your animal control problems have been identified, and the family of raccoons living in your attic have been relocated to a cozy new home in a far away forest, it would be great to think that the job is finished. However, with animal control issues come the damages left by said animals. Critter Control understands that even after the nuisance animal or pest is gone, you as a home owner are still left with the clean up and repairs from the damages, which is why we offer complete repair and rebuilding of the damaged areas of your home as part of our comprehensive services.

Approach to Repair

Just as each type of animal or pest requires a unique approach to animal control, removal, and exclusion, the damage left by these animals requires a unique approach to repair. The damage left behind from moles in your yard is drastically different from the damage in your attic from a family of raccoons. Many times the damage left by certain animals, such as rats in the walls, is just too much for a non-professional to tackle. We can assess the damages left by the animals or pests and provide a comprehensive clean up and repair. Take it from us, you will be happy that we are doing the work while you relax in your easy chair or enjoy a nice mini-vacation.

What We Fix

It doesn’t matter what animal or pest caused the problem or where the damage took place, we are able to provide a repair solution. Just some of the areas we repair include the following:

  • Attics
  • Sheds
  • Crawl spaces
  • Walls
  • Yards
  • Soffit and fascia
  • Decks
  • Garages

The benefit to having us fix the damage caused by the nuisance animals or pests is the fact that we can ensure that measures are taken to prevent other animals or pests from entering back in to your home in the future. This is where the exclusion part of our services come into play. So, be sure to ask about our animal damage repair services when speaking with our representatives.