Animal Noises In Your Home

Protecting People, Property, and Wildlife

Do you have strange noises coming from your attic? If you’re hearing the pitter-patter of light feet and other scurrying sounds, forget the ghost theory—it’s most likely an animal. Critter Control of Gainesville specializes in removing unwanted wildlife from both residential and commercial properties.

Damage to Your Attic

The attic is oftentimes a favorite hideaway for animals. Squirrels, mice, bats, and more often find their way into attics to set up camp. If left unchecked, these critters can cause not only noise but damage as well. Raccoons will often tear up duct work or wall paper and even dig in the insulation to make a nest. Squirrels chew the wood and the electrical wires—creating potential fire hazards—and rats will live in your attic, breeding in high numbers. If left untouched, these animals will stay in your attic for a long time. Critter Control of Gainesville uses safe and humane ways to capture animals and remove them from your property. We completely clean up any mess and repair any damage caused by animals. If you’re hearing unusual sounds behind the walls or in the attic, give us a call.