Why is my squirrel repellent not working?

Why Is Squirrel Repellent So Popular?

Squirrel repellent is one of the first things that will come to mind for most Gainesville Squirrelpeople when they realize that they have a squirrel repellent on their hands. After all, it enables them to solve their problems on their own while also seeming like a simple and straightforward solution that can be purchased off of the shelves. Unfortunately, products sold as squirrel repellent might not be as useful as their customers might have imagined.

Why Is Your Squirrel Repellent Not Working?

There are numerous reasons why squirrel repellent might not work, more so than even the number of squirrel repellent products out there. For example, some products are meant to scare squirrels by making them think that there are predators, which can fail because they are simulating the wrong kinds of predators or because they are nothing more than hollow threats. Other products are meant to create a serious nuisance to squirrels, whether that means an unpleasant smell or an unpleasant noise. Unfortunately, squirrels are territorial creatures, meaning that they are willing to put up with a wide range of nuisances so long as they can hang onto their new homes. Even worse, some of those products aren’t actually serious nuisances for their intended targets, meaning that the customer will have done nothing but waste their money by buying them.

Ultimately, there is no perfectly effective solution for a squirrel infestation save capturing them in traps so that they can be removed from the premise, which is something that should be entrusted to experts who have proven themselves again and again with similar cases.

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