What’s That Noise in My Attic?

If you’ve been hearing things go bump in the night, it probably isn’t a ghost. You may have a wild critter or two living in your attic. Animals are attracted to the shelter and access to food that your attic provides, and will go to almost any length to move in there and start breeding. We remove a wide range of critters from attics on a routine basis, but the most common ones include:


As opposed to most other attic-invading animals, squirrels are most active during the day. That means if they’ve infiltrated your attic, you’ll hear their activity during daylight hours. Squirrel noise can be characterized by a fast scurrying, usually around the edges of the attic near the roof. Their activity is most intense around March and September as this is when the litters of babies are matured enough to begin running around on their own.

Rats and Mice

These nocturnal critters are best known for their quick, light pitter-pattering noises during nighttime hours. Rats and mice are also known to make their way from the attic into walls, so if you hear noises from there, you likely have a rodent problem. Rats and mice carry a wide range of dangerous diseases, so if you suspect that they’re in your home, call for help right away.


Raccoons are on the larger side of what we commonly see in attics, and because of this, the noises they make are significantly heavier sounding than those of smaller critters. Instead of a light scurrying or pitter patter, you’ll hear loud thumps and footsteps coming from your ceiling. Raccoons are also vocal creatures, and their babies make a unique crying noise. If this sounds similar to anything you’ve heard at night, you likely have a raccoon infestation.

Trust Your Local Experts

While it’s great to know what sort of critters are making those noises in your attic, removing them on your own is dangerous and not something we recommend. Many wild animals carry deadly diseases and pose a real threat to your family’s wellbeing. If you’ve heard noise coming from your attic during the day or night, don’t hesitate to call. Our animal removal specialists can ensure the total elimination of any infestation while keeping your family and home safe. Call us at 352-372-3922 with any questions, or to schedule a free home consultation.