Can Mothballs Keep Rats Away?

When rats make their way into your Gainesville home, it can be difficult to mothballsget them out. Not only because they choose to nest in out-of-reach places like your walls or attic, but because they are very aware of the dangers that surround them, and will avoid anything they deem as suspicious. This can make it especially hard to place traps to catch or kill them. There are many DIY remedies out there to capture, kill, or repel rats from your home, one of the most common being mothballs. While this solution would seem to be easy enough to carry out, it is unfortunately completely futile. Here’s why.

Mothballs are thought to repel rats due to a natural chemical found in them called naphthalene which can supposedly suffocate a rat by preventing their red blood cells from carrying oxygen to their brain. However, the amount of naphthalene found in mothballs is such a small amount its results are ineffective. While they may work on smaller nuisances like moths, bees, and other insects, you would need an unrealistic amount of them to keep rats away.

Additionally, rats are quite innovative, so if you find their passageways to place mothballs in, they can create new ones to avoid any of the traps you may place. Since rats can fit their bodies through holes 1/4th an inch wide, it’s easy for them to find other ways to venture around your home.

How We’ll Help

With our state-of-the-art tools and over two decades of knowledge, the technicians at Critter Control® Gainesville know how to remove rats from your home quickly and safely. When you call for your free consultation, we’ll send out an expert technician to address the issue and work with you to figure out the best way to remove the unwanted critters. Later, we’ll clean up any of the messes they have made, including restoring any damages to the infrastructure of your home like ruined insulation. To schedule your free consultation, call us today at 352-372-3922.