Why Rodents in Your Attic are Such a Problem

No one likes the idea of unwanted visitors in their attic, but sometimes Gainesville Rodentspeople think that if they ignore the problem, it’ll simply go away. This isn’t true at all, and choosing to drown out the scratching or squeaking you hear could be a very costly and potentially dangerous mistake. Rodents in your attic or walls can cause severe damage to your home and health issues to your family.

Don’t Ignore Noises in the Attic

There are many noises you may hear when rats and other rodents nest in your attic, such as thuds from playing or squeaks from rodent conversation. Every scratch and bump is evidence that they’re rearranging insulation and chewing their way through the structure of your home.

One of the biggest issues with these invaders is the fact that they chew on everything. Because their teeth never stop growing, rodents must gnaw on a variety of surfaces and materials to maintain their teeth. Unfortunately, one of the most frequently chewed items is wiring. When they strip away the protective rubber or plastic and expose bare wire, it creates an incredible fire hazard. Ignoring the situation, hoping the critter will leave or pass away, or pretending there isn’t a problem at all could be dangerous.

Avoid Housing Disease-Carrying Rodents

The most common visitors are rats and mice, and their presence in your home is certainly not without risk. The droppings, fur, and bites of wild rats and other rodents can transmit more than 30 diseases to humans. When they’re tumbling around in your attic, they may break into ductwork, spreading germs across your home.

Don’t let a few visitors turn into an infestation, or prevent their entrance from the beginning. Call Critter Control of Gainesville at 352-372-3922 for a free estimate today.