What Are the Dangers of Fleas and Other Pests?

People who have a flea or pest problem often don’t recognize the issue Gainesville Fleaimmediately. The problem will grow and persist until it becomes such a large problem that you recognize the issue and see the pests. Unfortunately, fleas and other pests can cause a wide range of problems with serious consequences, so much so that homeowners need to be proactive about protecting not just themselves but also their families.

What Are Some Examples of How Pests Can Be Dangerous?

Pests can transmit both infectious diseases and parasites to humans. The single most infamous example is when fleas transmitted the bubonic plague from rats to humans that killed off a third of the population of Medieval Europe. Although the bubonic plague is less of an issue now, it needs to be remembered that the presence of fleas and other pests can still result in serious medical conditions. In particular, mosquitoes have been in the news in recent times because of the Zika virus along with other undesirable diseases such as dengue, malaria, and the West Nile virus.

Another common pest issue are wasps, which pose a serious threat to many. While a single wasp sting will not have serious consequences save for people who are allergic to them, social wasps come in the hundreds. Even worse, wasps are often aggressive animals, which is why they have been known to kill people from time to time when they swarm together.

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