squirrels-in-hole-in-GainesvilleHear that? The sound of soft pitter patters above you? Or mysterious scratching noises in your walls? Or squeaky chattering? Chances are you have squirrels in your house. Lots of animal lovers might welcome the idea of having these cute, bushy-tailed critters cohabitating with them. However, they can cause more trouble than they’re worth, considering all the diseases they can carry and the amount of damage they can do to your home.

Keep ‘Em Out

The easiest way to get squirrels out of your house is to prevent them from entering in the first place. Look out for any entry points these rodents could have made to sneak into your home. Some of a squirrel’s favorite ways to break into your house include:

  • Pre-existing holes in your home made by other animals
  • Holes that they themselves create
  • Open windows
  • Chimneys
  • Weak spots in your roof
  • Through the attic

It’s best if you can check all of these areas for any holes or openings. Be sure to check the structural integrity of your roof and walls as well, because it could be easy for a squirrel to create a hole of its own if your walls are weak.

Call in the Experts

If you’re already living with squirrels, now is the time to reclaim your home. Call the squirrel experts at Critter Control® Gainesville to help get your home back to normal and keep your family safe. We specialize in safely removing the squirrels from your home and relocating them to somewhere they will enjoy much more than your house. Afterward, we will clean and repair any messes your unwelcome house guest may have created. If you have questions about your squirrel problem, or you would like to schedule a free consultation with our experts, call us today at 352-372-3922.