With their colorful coats and beautiful songs, it is hard to see birds as pigeon-on-ledgepests. They contribute a lot to our environment by eating unwanted bugs and keeping insect populations like mosquitos in check. However, birds can leave droppings all over your property that carry tons of germs and diseases. Not only that, but their beautiful songs can turn into annoying chirps. A safe and easy way to remove birds that you may not have heard of is called sonic bird control.

Where do they work?

These devices can cover many acres of land, and are so discreet, most people won’t even know that they are there. If you are looking for bird control in a larger area than just your home, this kind of bird removal can still be an option for you. Areas that use sonic bird removal include places like:

  • Shopping malls
  • Parking lots
  • Farms
  • Sports fields
  • Marianas and docks
  • Airports and hangars
  • Factories and warehouses

Why Sonic?

These devices are both non-intrusive and simple to install, but they are extremely effective. Sonic devices make use of birds’ natural fear instincts by targeting the affected area and emitting both predator noises, and distress calls. Instead of attempting to catch and release birds, sonic devices just deter the birds from entering the area and keep them out. The key to keeping them away from the area is to switch between the predator sounds and the distress calls. The variation in sounds will keep the birds confused and worried, and will deter them from entering your property again.

Call the Experts

If unwanted birds are making a home on your property, call the experts at Critter Control Gainsville®. You can trust us to remove pesky birds and keep them from returning to your property. If you have questions about bird removal, or would like to schedule a free home or business consultation, call us at 352-372-3922 today.