Sharing Your Home with Rodents?

You may never see the mice, rats or squirrels, but rodent infestation still Gainesville Rodentscould be a real problem in your home. Rodents are carriers of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other diseases. They are not only a cleanliness issue but also a health risk.

Signs you have a rodent problem

The key to rodent infestations is early detection. As soon as you see any signs in your home that show you could have unwanted guests, you need to call a professional right away. If you aren’t sure, here are some things to look out for:

  • Droppings may appear under your sink or in the corner of a drawer or cupboard, or worse, on your counter top.
  • Nibbled corners on some of your food boxes, packages, or containers.
  • Urine pools or trails. Rodents are famous for having weak bladders.
  • Gnawing marks on your wood trim or molding. They also chew on electrical wires. They must sharpen their teeth.
  • Rodents love to build nests so look for shredded paper or torn fabric. These nests are usually in out of the way places. Not just in your walls but also behind a dresser, in a closet corner, or even inside a little-used
  • Look for greasy smears near tiny openings. Rodents can squeeze through the smallest of holes, even one that is only a half inch across. When they do this, they leave grease and dirt marks from their fur.
  • If your pet starts getting excited for no apparent reason, he/she may be detecting an unwanted guest.
  • When the family goes to bed at night, and all is quiet, do you hear scratching and crawling sounds? Rodents!

Expert Help

If you notice any of these signs of rodent infestation, it is time to call Critter Control® Gainesville for help. Our experts are trained in safely and effectively removing rodents from your home, and sealing any entrance points they may have made to assure you’ll never have another infestation. If you’re ready to reclaim your home from rodents, call us today at 352-372-3922 for a free consultation.