How to Rodent-Proof Your Vents and Attic

Rodents such as mice, rats, and squirrels are not only dirty, but they can  How to Rodent-Proof Your Vents and Atticcause damage to the structure of your home. If they get inside your attic, they often chew on wood and damage wires, which can become a fire hazard. Having a rodent infestation causes a great deal of anxiety for homeowners. It’s with good reason as rodents can squeeze through small spaces, climb nearly everything, and even swim! Prevent rodents from getting into your home by rodent-proofing your vents and attic.

Start with an Inspection

Effective rodent-proofing begins with a thorough inspection of your home. To block these pests from gaining access inside, examining every possible entry point is crucial. Once you have located any entry points being used by the rodents, you will need to secure them. You can use items such as mesh, foam, hardware cloth, and sheet metal to patch holes, gaps, and cracks that are at least 1/4 inch in size.

Next, you will want to inspect your roof to make sure your vent screens are without damage and secure, and that your chimneys are properly capped. If you discover any issues, make sure to address them right away. Attaching sheet metal bands to the outside of buildings with rough exterior walls will help prevent rodents from climbing while equipping floor drains with secured metal grates will help rats and mice from using drainage pipes or sewage routes to enter buildings.

Leave the Rodent-Proofing to Us

There can be a lot of work involved when rodent-proofing your home. You want to make sure you include protective devices on electrical cables and conduits, drains, pipes, and all equipment where rodents travel. In addition to preventing access along these routes, you also want to reduce the sources of food, water, and shelter rodents use.

With more than 30 years of experience, Critter Control of Gainesville has the knowledge to find where the rodents are accessing your home and fix the problem so they won’t return. We know Florida wildlife and their habits, and can quickly help you with any rodent issues you may be having. Call us at 352-372-3922 or contact us on the web for rodent-proofing services you can count on!