Facts You Didn’t Know About Raccoons

Those who have never encountered a live raccoon face to face may think they’re cute and cuddly – don’t be fooled. Raccoons are some of nature’s most aggressive pests and they often stick to residential neighborhoods. If you see one or more of these critters on your property, Critter Control® of Gainesville will help rid you of your raccoon problem in the blink of an eye.

Raccoon Facts

Here are some facts you should know about raccoons in case they decide to make your house or property their home:

  • Raccoons are extremely adaptable and as such can be found in a wide range of different climates and habitats. They are known to make homes in barns, abandoned cars, attics, and anywhere near human trash.
  • Adult raccoons can run 15 miles per hour and fall up to an average of 40 feet without sustaining injury, making them one of the more resilient animals found in residential neighborhoods.
  • Raccoon researchers have theorized that the “bandit” masks that raccoons are known for are actually used for deflecting glare at night, when raccoons are most active.
  • Raccoons are generally regarded as the most common carriers of rabies and most commonly transmit the disease to residential pets and neighborhood rodents. Raccoons have also been known to attack cats and dogs near their owners’ homes.

Contact the Raccoon Experts

Raccoons are generally an unwanted presence around the homes of Gainesville residents, due to their habits of disturbing trash cans, attacking pets and transmitting disease. Trust the experts at Critter Control® to remove the animals as quickly and humanely as possible, while securing the raccoon’s entry points to ensure the pests don’t reenter. Call now at 352-372-3922 to schedule your free home inspection.